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imam dahir dan-azumi

In 2015, I embarked on my Web Development journey, writing my first line of HTML & proceeded to building with CMS using Wordpress after a year of experimenting with XML codes on mobile phones. Over the past decade, I've navigated diverse realms within the tech industry, evolving into a passionate and dedicated Software Engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, my expertise lies in transforming ideas into code and practical solutions. Beyond simplifying daily life and benefiting my community, I thrive in challenging environments, leveraging my multifaceted experience to help individuals, startups & companies stand out and thrive.

My interests extend to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, reflecting my curiosity about cutting-edge developments in the tech world.

Beyond building projects that simplify my daily life and benefit my community, I am currently focused on working in challenging environments. I aim to leverage my skills to help companies stand out and thrive.

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Driven by a passion for learning, I consistently engage in project creation to deepen my understanding of algorithmic processes and design patterns.
Explore a selection of diverse projects in my portfolio. For live demonstrations, click on "LIVE," and for access to the source code, click on "CODE." 🧡

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